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appamanAppaman has celebrated over 10 years of monkey business! Appaman is inspired by, and named after, a corduroy ape named Appaman whom the founder befriended in Norway. Appaman has a unique Scandinavian perspective on Ameripop iconic imagery with inspirations from the streets of Brooklyn. Give your kid some street credit, wear Appaman!
Appaman Velvet Printed Vest
Appaman Black Velvet Blazer
Appaman Black Lux Bow Tie
Appaman Black Dress Belt
Appaman Black Mod Dress Pants
Appaman Black Mod Suit
Appaman Glen Plaid Mod Suit
Appaman Mist Grey Mod Suit
Appaman Navy Blue Mod Suit
Appaman Natural Sand Mod Suit
Appaman Blue Check Mod Suit
Appaman Red Mod Suit
Appaman Phineas Plaid Dress Pants
Appaman Phineas Plaid Tailored Vest
Appaman Charcoal Windowpane Vest
Appaman Glen Plaid Tailored Vest
Appaman Liberty Stripe Tweed Tie
Appaman Blue Chambray Tie
Appaman Paisley Chambray Bow Tie
Appaman Standard White Dress Shirt
Appaman Biking Red Dress Shirt
Appaman Navy Dots Dress Shirt
Appaman Big H Hooded Jacket
Appaman Uptown Denim Vest Sweatshirt Jacket
Appaman Executive Blazer
Appaman Graffiti Car Long Sleeve
Appaman Rock 'N' Roll Guitar Long Sleeve Tee
Appaman Astronaut Long Sleeve Tee
Appaman Shazam Bolt Long Sleeve Tee
Appaman Cassettes Long Sleeve Tee
Appaman Coated Black Straight Leg Jeans
Appaman Straight Leg Railroad Jeans
Appaman Camo Parker Zipper Sweatpants
Appaman Black Parker Zipper Sweatpants
Appaman Grey Parker Zipper Sweatpant
Appaman Beach Ride Tee
Appaman Street Racer Tee
Appaman Pirate Bully Tee
Appaman Toolbox Shirt
Appaman Black Beard Pirate Tee
Appaman Blackbeard Pirate Romper
Appaman Red Camp Shorts
Appaman Navy Stanton Jersey Shorts
Appaman Tortoise Shell Punk Shorts
Appaman Seaside Check Shorts
Appaman Vintage Denim Punk Shorts
Appaman Black Punk Shorts
Appaman Short Sleeve Rash Guard
Appaman Slate Striped Hybrid Shorts
Appaman Riis Triangles Swim Trunks
Appaman Logo Swim Trunks
Appaman Logo Infant Swim Trunks
Appaman Brown Rockabilly Sunglasses
Appaman Black Rockabilly Sunglasses
Appaman Black Cowboy Belt
Appaman Brown Cowboy Belt
Appaman Logo Belt Brown
Appaman Studs Black Belt
Appaman Houston Straw Fedora
Appaman Vintage Black Check Newsboy Cap
Appaman Phineas Plaid Newsboy Hat
Appaman Beetles Pattern Shirt
Appaman Intarsia Cardigan Sweater
Appaman Gingerbread Bushwick Chino Pants
Appaman Navy Blue Carpenter Cords
Appaman Moss Green Carpenter Cords